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3" Medium BreatheFresh Latex Layer

Why add a third BreatheFresh Latex layer to any mattress? Aren't two enough? For many customers the answer is yes. But, because our goal is to build the most comfortable, most advanced and personalized natural bed on the market, we offer you a choice of this extra layer of quality, all-natural, medium BreatheFresh Latex in our Heaven and Earth natural bed.

See, some Natural Bed Store customers report that they want just a little bit of additional support throughout the night. Three inches may not seem like much, but Heaven and Earth customers report that this bonus layer helps them achieve a deeper, more refreshing night's sleep.

As always, we invite you to consult one of our sleep specialists for details on the bed combination perfect for your unique sleep needs.

Remember, anytime you want to find out more information than we have here on the web, just call a Sleep Specialist at 1-800-282-5860.

A Natural Organic Mattress and You

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Couples Love Organic
Adjustables Mattresses

Couples love an adjustable natural organic mattress

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100% Natural Latex
and You

100% Natural Latex organic mattress and You

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Our Factory + Cotton & Wool

Natural Bed Store Factory with Organic Cotton and Wool used in our Organic Mattresses

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In-Home Trial and Shipping

Natural Bed Store Organic Mattress In-Home Trial and Shipping

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TheNaturalBedStore.com is dedicated to offering organic latex mattresses made up of 100% natural and organic materials. Our wide collection of organic mattresses such as latex mattress, crib mattress, and natural mattress accessories including latex mattress toppers and organic pillows are chemical free and non-toxic.

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Naturally - Our Organic Mattess surpasses the severest flame test!

Organic Mattress fire retardent
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New Organic Mattress Fire Codes. We are already compliant, naturally, without chemical fire retardants!

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