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Acorn Innerspring Crib Organic Mattress

  • Extra-firm heavy-gauge innerspring unit
  • Thick 100% certified organic cotton batting and 100% certified organically processed wool fill
  • Continuous-quilted 100% Certified Organic cotton cover
  • Only $299

Acorn Latex Crib Organic Mattress

  • 6" of extra-firm latex
  • 100% certified organic cotton batting and 100% pure organic wool fill
  • Channel-quilted 100% Certified Organic cotton cover
  • Only $399


The Organic Advantage

All Natural Components are Hypoallergenic

Our pure organic wool, latex and organic cotton will not aggravate your baby’s allergies. The silky-soft, 100% organic cotton is unbleached and not treated with harmful chemicals. Pure organic wool naturally repels mildew and dust mites, and our unique BreatheFresh Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and resists bacterial and dust mite growth.

Free of Toxic Synthetic Chemicals

While other conventional mattresses are sprayed with boron or antimony to meet flame resistance resistance standards, our beds surpass the strictest statutes with pure organic wool fill. Our organic cotton mattress covers are unbleached and not dyed with any chemical compounds.

Extra Firm Support for Growing Bodies

These organic mattresses provide the support that growing babies and children need. The latex Acorn features 6 inches of extra firm latex that cradles your baby with the gentle support it needs. The innerspring Acorn features extra-firm heavy gauge innerspring units with thick 100% cotton batting for support, comfort and durability.

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