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The Heaven and Earth

Fashioned from the finest natural and Organic fabrics and materials. The Heaven and Earth is custom-built by craftsmen for you and your needs. Our Latex mattress with Organic cotton top and 100% Chemical-Free Pure Organic Wool cover delivers The Superior Mattress Set.

Heaven and Earth Organic Mattress from the Natural Bed Store foundation wool soft medium cotton

  1. Luxurious Quilted Organic Cotton Cover: Using only the finest certified organic cotton, and our trademark Channel Profile quilting design - we build a mattress that not only looks good but will conform to your individual shape and retain its handsome look through this special memory fit quilting process.  Only Natural certified organic cotton is both chemical free and body sensitive, providing a long lasting soft layer helping to wick away moisture keeping you cool and dry all night long.
  2. Pure Organic Washed Wool Loft: Our 100% pure organic wool is washed naturally and without chemicals to remove the lanolin creating a hypoallergenic comforting layer. The pure organic wool is then spun to maintain a comfy loft of air flow, cooling in summer and cozy in the winter.  pure organic wool has the added benefit of providing a fire proof layer capable of passing the most stringent of standards.
  3. Super Plush Latex Topper: Adds extra cushion, your choice of comfort. Add luxury and absolute comfort to this special mattress.
  4. Latex Support: Three more BreathFresh layers of 100% Natural latex offer the underlying support for ideal sleeping posture and support.
  5. Optional Natural Foundation: Amish-made from untreated, unstained wood.  Fully assembled, fully upholstered and sealed on the bottom with undyed natural cotton that is sewn with hemmed edges, quality your mother would approve of. Quilted and surrounded with the same Pure Organic Wool that provides comfort and protection for the mattress.

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Sleep. It rejuvenates us and refreshes us. With the right kind of sleep both body and mind are restored and night becomes a time of renewal.  Working with Mother Nature the Heaven and Earth becomes the finest all natural foam mattress bed ever made.

The Heaven and Earth builds upon four of earth's elements to provide a sleep experience just this side of heaven. The Heaven and Earth integrates organic cotton, 100% Pure Organic Wool, 100% natural foam our Latex Mattress and an optional wood foundation to create the finest mattress offered at The Natural Bed Store. The Heaven and Earth surrounds you in a healthy sleep system that will supply restful sleep for many years.

Here at The Natural Bed Store, our focus is on organic and natural materials so that when you are finished using this great mattress, it will still rest easy on the earth. You won't leave behind a mattress leaking harmful chemicals into the environment.

Natural Components - Natural Rubber Mattress

Because the Heaven and Earth is an all-natural and organic mattress, it does not expose you to the airborne and surface toxins that synthetic components can give off. This means no more caustic chemicals grating away at your skin or hampering your breathing. As a bonus, the open cell structure of the 100% natural rubber mattress Latex in the Heaven and Earth blocks dust, old skin, pollens and dust mites.

All Natural Latex for our Organic MattressesTo make sure the Heaven and Earth natural and organic mattress delivers you the absolute best sleep available from any natural, organic and rubber mattress, we added an extra, custom-designed layer for maximum support. This additional layer supplements the natural softness and support of the natural organic rubber mattress by adding an extra three inches of medium-weight natural Latex. Customers report this blend creates the finest sleep of any mattress, natural rubber or synthetic.

Finally, Heaven and Earth is crowned with a luxurious 100% Pure Organic Wool Fill, wrapped inside a 100% organic cotton quilted cover. The wool fill wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, and it also acts as a natural, chemical-free fire retardant. Our cover feels so comfortable you'll be tempted to leave the sheets off!

Our commitment to comfort

For more than 39 years, we've been matching our organic mattresses to our customer's unique sleep needs. When you call the Natural Bed Store, your Organic Sleep Specialist will custom-design your bed to match your sleep preferences. This unique process comes at no cost to you, and helps us give you the best sleep possible. We also offer a 90-day Test Rest trial period.


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Call a Sleep Specialist today at 1-800-282-5860 to learn more about our entire line of all-natural organic sleep products.

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