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Natural Breath Fresh Latex Mattresses

Natural Bed-Heaven and Earth Organic Mattress

The ultimate in luxury and quality our all-natural Premier Mattress features a pure wool cushion quilted to our special certified organic cotton stretch knit cover.  The wool is washed and spun without harmful chemicals creating a Heavenly sleep experience.

The Heaven and Earth offers unparalleled comfort, durability and healthful support. Utilizing 12 full inches of Breathe Fresh Latex comfort AND support, no other mattress offers such supreme comfort.

(Heaven and Earth shown with foundation- aprx. 21 1/2" H - also available with low profile foundation)

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Beds-Luxuriant Organic Mattress

Borrowing the proven design of a floating independent top cushion from our Heaven and Earth the Luxuriant mattress cradles the sleeper in perfect comfort and support.

The Luxuriant offers luxury with a choice of firmness using three layers of Breathe Fresh Latex. It is then topped with two inches of pure wool and a 100% organic cotton cover. The Luxuriant offers the best sleep, night after night.

(Luxuriant shown with foundation - aprx. 19" H - also available with low profile foundation)

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Rainforest owners love how their all-natural organic mattress assures chemical-free sleep a top 9 inches of BreatheFresh Latex while supplying the proper body support and posture alignment for a good night's sleep.

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The Natural Euro Organic Mattress

The Natural Euro owners love how their all-natural mattress assures chemical-free sleep, from the organic cotton top cover over 2" of pure wool and three independent layers of Breathe Fresh latex. All working together for proper body support, comfort and the correct sleep posture necessary for a restorative good night's sleep.

(The Natural Bed Euro shown with foundation-
aprx. 17" H - also available with low profile foundation)

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The PureForm is a cozy natural organic mattress

Our six-inch Breathe Fresh Latex organic support mattress with organic cotton top cover and pure wool lofted fill.

(The Natural shown as shown aprx. 6" H)

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Natural and Organic Innersping Mattresses

Mountain View Boxtop organic natural mattress from The Natural Bed Store

The most luxurious natural and organic innerspring mattress on the market, combining organic cotton, pure organically processed wool, and Breathe Fresh Latex with mid-body support coils.

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Mountain View Eurotop organic mattress from The Natural Bed Store

A smart balance between price and comfort, combining organic cotton, organically processed wool, and Breathe Fresh Latex with mid-body support coils with a euro-style pillow top.

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Mountain View Plush organic mattress from The Natural Bed Store

Natural sleep made in its wonderful simplicity.  Featuring our luxurious organic cotton and our Pure Wool processed wihout chemicals and, 100% Pure natural Breathe Fresh Latex on top of mid-body support coils.

(shown with foundation aprx. 19" H)

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All-natural organic Aurora-Kid's Mattress

Organic Cotton Cover, surrounding thick plush layers of Organic Cotton Batting make this extra firm organic mattress chemical free and long lasting. Features our luxurious organic cotton and organically processed wool cover over the highest quality innercoil system available.

(as shown aprx 6" H)

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Baby Mattresses (Cribs)

Acorn premier fire-retardant natural organic crib mattress with cotton and wool

The natural, Breathe Fresh Latex baby crib organic mattress made with organic cotton ticking and organically processed wool cover—a fantastic baby mattress from theNaturalBedStore.com.

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Best Price Guarantee

In these tough economic times, finding the best deal is important to everyone. We understand that shoppers may scour the Web for the best price on an organic mattress sleep system. At the Natural Bed Store, we do the work. We search and monitor our competition's prices, and we are confident that you will not find a better deal on a an organic mattress anywhere else.

Put buyer's remorse to bed with the Natural Bed Store's Best Price Guarantee. If you find a lower advertised price on a comparable bed within 30 days of your Natural Bed Store purchase, let us know, and we will refund 110 percent of the price difference. Buyer's regret can be a nightmare, but with the Natural Bed Store's Best Price Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you have paid the best price for the best all-natural sleep.

Our organic mattresses are each built-to-order at our factory in Lincoln, Nebraska. Because of each bed's high level of customization, we do not believe it is fair or possible to publish our prices online. Instead, we ask that you call one of our Organic Sleep Specialists so that we can offer you the best price on a bed built just for you and your sleep needs. We will meet any other organic bed retailer's advertised prices, but we will not stop there.


The Natural Bed Store Customer Reviews!

Natural Organic Latex Mattresses continue to grow in popularity. We have seen an increase in the number of satisfied customers from across the USA. Here is a sample of customer comments.

If you've ordered a mattress from us and have a comment, please drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you. You can email us at: SleepWell@TheNaturalBed.com or contact us online right now!

Dear Shelly,

I wanted you to know that our king size Heaven and Earth mattress is still as comfortable as it was a year and a half ago when it was new. I know it will continue to afford us comfortable sleeping for many years to come. I especially like the fact that rotating the topper end to end from time to time reduces indentations so that we continue to get the softness for the hip area while getting the support necessary for our backs. I’ve never been happier with a bed!

Recently we received new twin Rainforest mattresses for a guest room. Two of our grandchildren were the first to try them out. They found them very comfortable for sleeping and also for lounging, along with their various animals and electronic devices.

I would like to thank all of you there at the Natural Bed Store for your kindness and your help with not only the ordering process but the delivery process as well. There was always someone there to take my call and give me the necessary advice. How wonderful it would be if all businesses were like that!


My wife suffers from several medical problems that caused us to look beyond the normal mattress stores. She has been diagnosed with and is being treated for Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s Disease and Degenerative Joint Disease with fusions of vertebrae S-1, L-5, L-4, and L-3. To put it mildly sleep is a very important issue for her. Just the pressure of lying on a standard mattress would cause stiffness in her shoulders, back and the fibromyalgia would cause hard knotty places, called trigger or tender points, at various points throughout her body.

Fibromyalgia causes wide spread deep muscle pain, painful tender points and the arthritic pain from the degenerative joint disease made our choice of our third mattress in eight years critical. We developed a great working relationship with Jeanie Kensinger who steered us to the Heaven and Earth mattress which proved to be the right choice. Jeanie also suggested we try the ‘Adjustable’ bed. At first I wasn’t sure but we followed her advice and it proved to be a great recommendation. Jeanie along with all the Natural Bed Store people have been terrific and we are very grateful for providing the best sleep my wife and I have both had in years.

I recommend Jeanie and The Natural Bed Store to anyone looking for a reliable company to work with and a mattress that provides the best sleep you can imagine. If you have looked at memory foam beds, picture yourself lying comfortably on top of the latex instead of sinking down in the memory foam.

Kenneth and Julie Brown
Augusta, GA

Dear Jeanie,

The freight company delivered our new mattress and foundation exactly when you said they would and they did a great job setting it up in our bedroom. When you took my order you were concerned on the position in which my wife and I slept and because we sleep on our sides you said you would and beef up that part of the mattress. We owned a number bed and I noticed that every morning my wife and I awoke with lower back pains. After walking around the house for about five minutes the pain would go away and the doctor said it was caused by arthritis.

The first night we slept on our foam bed we did wake up with the same pain so I decided the doctor was right. After the third morning I realized that my wife and I had no longer experienced the back pain and it is now over a month that the pain is gone... We both have found that we now sleep straight thru the night without awaking around 3AM. Our tea cup poodle, which sleeps with us (4.5 lbs) also, sleeps straight thru the night without waking and turning.

was a little hesitant to deal on the internet purchasing my bed but dealing with The Natural Bed Store was a pleasure, everything they promised they delivered. I highly recommended the store and especially Jeanie Kensinger.

Howard and Maria


Just wanted to let you know how much I luv my new elegant topper. As you know I was using it to replace my feather bed on top of my mattress. I believe it was a major cause of my sleepless nights what with allergies, keeping my body to warm and not so great for body alignment. Being allergic to latex you convinced me to let send me your sample and see if I would react adversely to it.

I did not and ordered the elegant topper. I really wasn't sure just what to expect but I know deep down I was expecting a greatly improved sleep experience and I got it. I am so loving my new topper. Now I find myself going to bed earlier just so I can enjoy my new found sleep experience. Thank you.. Will be ordering my pillows next.



Farrell and I wanted to let you know that we love our Heaven and Earth bed. It is such a pleasure to slip into bed knowing we will have a wonderful nights sleep ahead of us. Like others we were apprehensive about ordering a mattress online sight unseen. However, after speaking with Jeanie and getting all our questions taken care of our concerns disappeared. Not only do we sleep through the night it's comforting to know our mattress is toxin free. No more back and body aches.

Buying this mattress was truly one of the best decisions we've made for our well being. Needless to say we recommended the Heaven and Earth mattress to all looking for a great nights sleep and thank you for all your help...

Farrell and Giovanna

Please thank Jeannie at ext 141. Your product arrived today - it was exactly as described. The personal service I rec'd from Jeannie was exceptional. Thank you!


Hi Jeanie,

Just wanted to say that we are thrilled with our new Land and Sky mattress! It arrived right on time and looked great right out of the box. Our son loves it - it's exactly what he wanted.

Thanks again for your help.


Hello Jeanie,

Thank you so much for all your help in getting my bed set up. The latex and wool topper works great, just the right amount of softness needed to take care of that hip situation yet firm enough for my back. I've been getting great sleep since I added it to my bed. I don't have any problem with breathing issues either.

I am so happy I found your web site and plan to purchase one of your beds for my granddaughter next time her military family moves to their next location (probably net year). She's staying with me now as I home-school her so she shares my new bed with me and loves it, too.

Thanks again for all your help.


Dear Shelly and Mr. Ron Larson,

I have wanted to thank you for some time for your outstanding service and product. This summer, my husband and I purchase a mattress for our bed and for our toddler's bed as well. We accidentally washed the cover to the mattress, which turned out to be the top and we ruined it! I called Shelly and explained the situation. She was so sweet and helpful and through Mr. Larson, was able to send us a new one for the cost of shipping. Our family is on a limited income and I was 8 months pregnant at the time, and we are so grateful for your understanding and for going out of your way to help us. We are so pleased with our mattresses and will definitely come back when our little girl needs a new bed

Thank you.


Alicia & Rick

Dear Shelly,

Just wanted to say I LOVE my new bed and I will recommend this type of bed to others.


Dear Jeanie,

Thank you a million times over! The elegance mattress topper is absolutely as wonderful as it looks on the website and your prompt service outstanding! I will be recommending your company as often as possible. I will also be saving to purchase a new mattress for my husband and myself. I look forward to talking to you in the future! Thanks for offering a healthy alternative for my family!



Dear Shelly,

My husband and I have had the Heaven and Earth bed for 8 months now, and we thought we should tell you that we really are in heaven every night when we get into it! It is absolutely the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in, and every time we climb into it, we both groan with delight. We couldn't even imagine such comfort before. Thank you for enriching our lives so very much! And a big "thank you" to every one of your delightful staff members who helped us. You have a wonderful product and fantastic customer service.



Dear Ron Larson,

I would like to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with your company. Jeanie was my salesperson and she has patiently answered many questions and worked w/ me to get the perfect bed! I also would like to recognize your other staff members, Allison and Julie. They have also been helpful and courteous. You really have a nice group of people working for you!

Thank you,


My husband and I purchased the Rainforest bed to take with us to Brazil where we will be living for the next three years while my husband is on an expat work assignment. It, along with all our belongings, was shipped down here on an ocean freighter which takes 6 weeks. In the meantime we had to rent furniture and the bed we were given was a wooden slat frame with a thin mattress over it; it was hard and uncomfortable.

Finally our Rainforest arrived. We didn't know what to expect as it was shipped here in it's original box, unopened. The first time we lay down on it, we just looked at each other and said "aahh'; it was soft yet supportive. It wasn't bouncy. It was quiet. We LOVE it! We sleep so well on it. It is a pleasure to slide into Bed at night; you settle in and the comfort just envelops you.

We had reservations about ordering an expensive mattress sight unseen over the phone but the people who helped us at TheNaturalBedStore.com provided all the information we needed and explained how the various layers could be configured to meet individual preferences. we explained how the various layers could be configured to meet individual preferences. We wanted an organic product after doing our research and this company had the best products on the market. We would highly recommend the Rainforest bed to anyone looking for a high quality, organic mattress set. (We also bought the organic wool pillows which are nice but a bit heavy...we may look into getting the latex ones in the future.


Hooray....We finally have the ideal combination and heaven has come to earth with our new mattress layers until we found our perfect fit. We love our natural way to great sleep! I was skeptical of purchasing something as personal as a mattress over the internet but your promised customer service encouraged us.

You have lived up to your promises and are an exemplary internet company!


I have already bought the heaven and earth bed, I love it!!! I sleep great every night. I also bought the solid latex pillows. they are wonderful. I called Jeanie and asked her if they had dog beds, and she said they were coming out with a new pet line. I ordered the x-large one. It is all natural shredded latex, with an organic cotton zippered cover. there is no wool in it. It is of the highest quality and so thick and fluffy!! My dog loves it!! If you are going organic for you and your pets, go with the natural bed store for the best.


I have severe allergies and mcs. I search and research all organic bedding. I found the natural bed store. I spoke to Jeanie and she was so helpful and could answer all my questions about all the organic mattresses. I have been so sick with my allergies the last year and finally found out I was allergic to my mattress and sheets, pillows and blankets. The flame retardant chemicals were in the mattress and pillows and etc. I decided to start researching organic and chemical free mattresses.

After 40-50 hours of research, I went with The Natural Bed Store, because of their guaranteed, 90 day sleep test on the heaven and earth mattress and their price. I felt very secure with my decision with them. I am allergic to wool and my doctor sent them a prescription for a mattress made with no wool, and to only put in organic cotton batting in the top piece. I had to sleep on the floor for almost 2 months still I hade my decision and received my heaven and earth bed with no wool.

It was heaven being on a bed again and being able to sleep with no allergic reaction. The mattress is so comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone. I will be buying another mattress for my quest bedroom in the future from them. This mattress is of the highest quality.


Dear Folks,

We love our new Heaven and Earth bed. However, I have a favor to ask. We also received two pillows...a latex and a wool. The latex was to be for me as I like to sleep on my side. My husband prefers a softer pillow, so the wool was for him. However, he slept on it for one night and grabbed his feather pillow the next night and hasn't used the wool pillow since. I kept hoping he'd give it another try, but to no avail. The one night it was used, it had been covered with both a pillow protector and a pillow case. My question is, could we exchange the wool pillow for another latex. He did like that one.

Appreciate your help. Also wanted you to know that since I suffer with fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome; therefore, much of my life I have been sleep deprived. But, since purchasing the , more and more nights of contented sleep have revived me. Heaven and Earth bed. It is also a "quiet" bed. When one of us turns over, slides out of the bed, or when the dog jumps up with us, it doesn't shake and move! How great is that!?!

Sorry for the rambling, but would appreciate your help with my pillow talk!


One nap and one night's sleep on my new Rainforest Mattress and you can count on me to be a spokesperson for your product!!! Unbelievable - I slept without my usual hip and body pain - soundly & comfortably ALL night! Your recommendation of "2 mediums and a soft" was absolutely perfect! When I woke up, I also wasn't stuffed-up/congested like I usually am.

Your product has already made a believer out of me!!! I'm so glad I researched mattresses and chose yours - it's worth every penny - and even the verbal exchange I had with my partner trying to set it up! ;) Marvelous - simply marvelous... and a 20 year guarantee, to boot - THIS is one heck of a bed!! Woo Who!!


We ordered a Rainforest mattress and foundation for our son's new twin bed and a Prairie mattress for the trundle. My son has been sleeping on the Rainforest mattress for a month now and we love it! I had shopped for conventional mattresses in local furniture shops. I was told that no mattress would last more than 7 years. Asthma and allergies are prevalent in our family. When I asked the sales people in the furniture stores what they could tell me about the composition of their products and what chemicals were used in the manufacturing process, they looked at me as if I were a mad woman.

The Rainforest mattress is so comfortable and smells so fresh and natural that I've started a savings account dedicated to the purchase of another one for my husband and myself. The sales professionals were wonderful and answered all of my questions thoroughly before, during and after the sale. The latex pillows that came with the mattresses are superb as well. I simply could not be happier with my purchase!


I am loving my new Heaven and Earth bed. And the new pillows you sent with it are the best I have ever had for my neck problems.

...thanks again for making such a wonderful product. I sleep so much sounder and wake with no aches and pains.


Hi—I ordered a Prairie a couple weeks ago and the first night I slept on it, I thought "oh-no, this is going to be too hard," but I just got rid of a waterbed that leaked all over my floor, so there was a difference in sleeping for sure. I used to wake up with a backache every morning with the waterbed, and now I am so comfortable and the Latex mattress is superior in every way. I do have allergies to everything, so I am so pleased with the Latex, knowing that it is allergy free with no chemicals. Thank you so much... I am so glad I visited your site. I am bragging about this to everybody.

Sallyann, Billings, MT

I just wanted to write and tell you that my husband and I love our new bed! It's so comfortable and I feel so good about sleeping on a natural product. A special thanks to Shelly for helping us find the perfect comfort level!


Dearest Shelly,

My husband and I suffer from chronic back pain constantly. We were determined to find a bed that we would be happy with for a long time to come and decided to give Heaven and Earth a try. All I can say is it has been a truly 'heavenly' experience. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, the natural materials do not give off any odors, which I am very sensitive to. It is the best bed we have ever slept on and we are thrilled beyond words! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kim and Eddie

I ordered the Rainforest twin a few months ago. It is the best! I was allowed to exchange out layers based upon my needs. I finally got it right with two firm layers and a soft layer. Perfect for me, stomach sleeper. It smells great and I have not had any back pain at all in the morning with this bed. Jeannie was great and confirmed for me and my doctor that the fire retardant is all natural with no additives. We were both pleased with this and it was an eye-opener to her. No shipping charges either way as I made my final decision was the reason we went with this company and not the competitors. You can not get a better bed in my eyes.


Thank you for your prompt return phone call! You really know your stuff and I appreciate your efforts in educating me about your products. You have a very nice website.

Spring Valley, NY

Thanks for getting back to me regarding mattress pricing. I enjoyed talking with you this weekend. You know your stuff, and did a very good job representing your company.

Vancouver, WA

Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my Meadow mattress. It's a beauty, and it feels great, too. Best of all is knowing that my mattress is made of all-natural materials, not the usual toxic mix of petrochemicals.


Hello. Just wanted to pass along a note on my new Meadow Mattress. I am extremely happy with it and how will I am sleeping. The mattress is heaven and being that I have a bad back and have trouble sleeping; I felt so much better even after the first night of sleep. Overall I am extremely happy with this bed and looking forward to many years of restful sleep.


We received the replacement Acorn and (after letting it fully expand per your suggestion) it fits better; thank you! I wanted to thank you personally, for helping us with this matter. I am very impressed with Land and Sky and their customer service.


Hi Jeanie. We recently purchased a king sized bed from you. The reason you haven't heard from us is we've been sleeping for the past month. Oh my gosh we are so happy with this bed. My husband's snoring has reduced by like 90%. He sleeps through the night now. It's amazing. I just can't say enough about it. We need one more mattress...


I wanted to let you know that we're very pleased with our Rainforests. It is the perfect mattress for all our family needs. Thank you very much for your assistance in getting it right.

Jeri W
New York

My Firm Heaven and Earth topper arrived and it is exactly the right firmness for me. Thank you (Jeanie) for working so diligently to find the right firmness and odor free bed possible. I really appreciate your effort and your fine product!


What a pleasant experience talking to Jeanie and her help in placing my order (for Heaven and Earth). Looking forward to some good sleep in a few weeks.


I just received my Rainforest today and can't wait to sleep on it tonight. It feels very comfortable.


We have slept on our Heaven and Earth bed for 30 days and absolutely love it. It's the most comfortable and restful sleep we have had in years!

Janice and Mark

Earlier this year, we ordered the Heaven and Earth mattress—the first few weeks, we thought we were going to have to send it back because we were adjusting and it was not comfortable. We called and Jeanie told us to give it a few more weeks, which we did, and we love our mattress today. The pillows are also great. Thanks for the "healthy" alternative.

Bonnie, Tucson


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