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Mountain View Eurotop

The natural, BreatheFresh Latex mattress with organic cotton top and 100% wool cover—a superior mattress from NaturalBedStore.com.

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  1. Organic Cotton Cover: Made from certified organic cotton, giving you a pure and natural sleeping surface.
  2. Pure Wool Fill: Made from 100% pure and naturally processed wool.
  3. 3" BreatheFresh Latex Top Layer: This 100% natural comfort layer adds comfort and luxury.
  4. 3" BreatheFresh Latex Support Layer: Adds extra cushion and soft luxury to your mattress top.
  5. 6" Mid-Body Coils: This base support system uses firmer mid-body coils to help maintain the healthy Stand-Tall Sleep-Tall® postural alignment.
  6. Optional Natural Foundation: Amish-made with untreated, unstained wood.

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Starting at just

Sleep. It rejuvenates and refreshes us. Now you can sleep on the finest pillowtop mattress ever made: The Mountain View Eurotop.

Mountain View Eurotop builds upon four of earth's elements to provide you a sleep experience just this side of heaven. The Mountain View Eurotop integrates organic cotton, 100% Pure Wool, 100% natural BreatheFresh Latex and wood to create the planet's finest organic bed system. Mountain View Eurotop surrounds you in a healthy sleep system that will supply you restful nights for the next 10 years.

Natural Components

Because the Mountain View Eurotop is an all-natural mattress, it won't expose you to the airborne and surface toxins that synthetic components can give off. This means no more caustic chemicals grating away at your skin or hampering your breathing. As a bonus, the open cell structure of the 100% natural BreatheFresh Latex in the Mountain View Eurotop blocks dust, old skin, pollens and dust mites.

To make sure the Mountain View Eurotop organic mattress delivers you the absolute best sleep available from any natural mattress, we added an extra, custom-designed layer of convoluted BreatheFresh Latex for maximum support. This additional layer supplements the natural softness and support of the mattress by adding extra BreatheFresh Latex right in the pillowtop. Customers report this blend creates the finest sleep of any mattress, natural or synthetic.

Finally, Mountain View Eurotop is crowned with a luxurious 100% Pure Wool Fill, wrapped inside a 100% organic cotton quilted cover. The wool fill wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, and it also acts as a natural, chemical-free fire retardant. Our cover feels so comfortable you'll be tempted to leave the sheets off!

At the core of the Mountain View Eurotop is a sturdy base of pocketed coils. These state-of-the-art innersprings bring one added benefit to your new mattress: additional mid-body support coils, giving you a firmer base right where sleepers need it the most.

The Mountain View Eurotop is engineered from the four earth elements and the fifth one: experience. We've built beds for over 45 years, and we can truly say that the Mountain View Eurotop is simply the best we've ever produced.

Our commitment to comfort

For more than 39 years, we've been matching our organic mattresses to our customer's unique sleep needs. When you call the Natural Bed Store, your Organic Sleep Specialist will custom-design your bed to match your sleep preferences. This unique process comes at no cost to you, and helps us give you the best sleep possible. We also offer a 90-day Test Rest trial period.


The Natural Bed Store will ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. Please see our Shipping page for information about in-home set-up, and delivery options.

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