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Deluxe In-Home Setup Available for:

  • Grandeur
  • Luxuriant
  • Eurforma
  • PureForm
  • Mountain View Boxtop
  • Mountain View Eurotop
  • Mountain View Plush

Deluxe In-Home Setup is the easy and effortless way to begin a new night's rest on your bed from The Natural Bed Store.

  1. We will bring your new bed into your bedroom, unpack it, and set it up for you. If your bedroom is up more than two flights of stairs there may be an additional charge.
  2. We will remove the packing materials so you don't have to bother with it.
  3. We will haul your old mattress away. No hassle, no extra strain on you.

How long before you get your bed? Approximately 10 days to two weeks. We custom-make your new mattress in our factory in Lincoln, Nebraska. Then we ship it to a delivery agent in your area. Your delivery agent will call to set up an appointment with you after they receive your bed from us.

If you live in a rural area it may take up to one additional week to get your new bed setup.

Scheduled Curbside Delivery with Foundations, Mattress, and Mattress Foundation Sets Available for:

  • Luxuriant
  • Rainforest
  • Mountain View Boxtop
  • Mountain View Eurotop
  • Mountain View Plush
  1. We will arrange with a freight company to deliver your mattress curbside. The freight company will contact you prior to delivery. If you want the mattress delivered to the front door of you house or building there will be a small additional charge. Please call us at 1-800-235-3433.
  2. The Carrier responsibility ends at the end of the truck.

Scheduled Threshold Delivery with Foundation, Mattress, and Mattress Foundation Sets Available for:

  • Heaven and Earth
  • Luxuriant
  • Pureform
  • Mountain View Boxtop
  • Mountain View Eurotop
  • Mountain View Plush
  1. We work with carrier to safely bring the package into your home. The freight company will contact you prior to delivery.

UPS delivery

  1. UPS delivery available for quick delivery. Not available for foundation and each mattress layer must be prepackaged seperately.

Rural areas may take up to one additional week for delivery.

For faster delivery just give us a call at 1-800-282-5860 and one of our organic sleep specialist can go over expedited shipping rates.

If your Order is canceled while in-transit you are responsible for shippings costs.

Set-up Instructions for FED EX and UPS Delivered Mattresses

Instructiosn for putting together a rainforest all-natural organic mattress

Step by step instructions for setting-up an Mattress delivered by Fed Ex or UPS.

  • Available for download.

    Pillows and Bedding

    1. Shipping is free when you order a pillow, bedding or sheets.
    2. We will send your bedding order out on Fed Ex or UPS ground.
    3. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for your order to arrive.
    4. If you would like your bedding product faster, call us at 1-800-235-3433 and we can let you know pricing for expedited shipping.

    TheNaturalBedStore.com is dedicated to offering organic latex mattresses made up of 100% natural and organic materials. Our wide collection of organic mattresses such as latex mattress, crib mattress, and natural mattress accessories including latex mattress toppers and organic pillows are chemical free and non-toxic.

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